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I co-ran an artist led pop-up space "Parade" from 2012-13 with Heather Tait on Marine Drive, Margate.
Over the course of the year we hosted regular weekly shows and screenings.
I took part in
  • Deliverance - the artwork was inspired by my job as a postwoman. I found myself in a new town, with a new job and my main form of communication was reading addresses on envelopes, reading instructions in my workplace, looking for doornumbers, and reading notes left to me on peoples doors. I created this installation as a mirror to my world at that time - a visual narrative of a spot in time. 
  • Curiosity - this show was curated in response to the show of the same name showing at Turner Contemporary at that time. We wanted to highlight peoples personal archives and examine what it is that draws us to archiving certain aspects of our lives, and also highlighting some of the more curioius aspects of personal histories.
  • Zine Weekend - Zines produced and created by many but the bulk by myself, Heather Tait and Steven Alan.

My Grandfather Pat Gwynne left a huge archive of photographic material when he died in 1996. I've been creating a digital archive of his work.
The work has generated great interest and has been exhibited at The Jerwood as part of the Photocopy Club "Family Politics" show and a selection of his photographs were in "Seaside Photographed" at Turner Contemporary in 2019.
His work is primarily of his family on holiday and at home. Like many amateur photographers he documented family occasions. His work resonates for many people because it really speaks of a time and place but he also has profound abilities to frame his work in interesting and unusual ways.

Seance - Spelunking - Taking Margate’s caves and tunnels as a starting point, Open School East invited their associate artists and members of the public to join artist Benedict Drew for an 8-week video-making project. They embarked on an imaginary exploration of the subterranean and created a fictional underground space, a place of myth, retreat, contemplation, meditation or even a place to party.

I led on two events for the Spelunking programme concentrating on underground ceremonies.
I re-enacted a Spirit Cabinet drawing on the myths and stories of Margate's spirit world.
In homage to the seance's led by the honourable ladies of Margate in The Shell Grotto in the 30's, I recreated a seance at Turner Contemporary with the help of the public to call up the spirit on JMW Turner. 

Seance - Spelunking image
Jo Murray took over the grounds and corridors of the Nayland Rock Hotel as character ‘Mrs Teasmaid’.

“Empires have been forged, battles fought, businesses expanded, love won, territories conquered, ideas initiated, art created, partnerships made, and behind all momentous historic moments tea has been brought to you by Mrs Teasmaid, said nobody ever.”

Mrs Teasmaid is waiting to make your acquaintance. An art performance with a loving nod to Monty Python, League of Gentleman, Father Ted, and Dinner Ladies created by Jo Murray and performed at The Nayland Rock. The hotel over looks the Nayland Rock Seaside Shelter where T.S. Eliot once sat contemplating his next line for section 3 The Fire Sermon • AT THE VIOLET HOUR Responding to T.S. Eliot’s 20th Century poem The Waste Land which was part written at Nayland Rock Seaside Shelter Margate • ...‘on Margate sands, I can connect nothing with nothing’ •
Crate Conversations - Pass it on

Artwork produced by repsponding to T.S.Eliot's The Waste Land

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The Waste Land

New version of T.S.Eliot's The Waste Land

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About Jo Murray image
I'm a Margate based artist and curator educated at University of Brighton - Fine Art Sculpture BA Hons 1st and Open School East 2017 - an independent artist run post grad school that developed out of a need to challenge pedagogical structures within formal art institutions. It had an emphasis on collaborative learning and public programming.
I am part of the programming team at Crate Studio and Project Space - An artist run organisation committed to providing affordable space for artists to research their work and take risks without prescribed outcomes.
I'm a director of "Margate Now", an artist-run arts organisation that runs a yearly arts festival in Margate showcasing the work of local artists, providing opportunities for creative development, encouraging public participation and bringing life and joy to the streets of Margate.
I produce artwork about the unreliable narrator, human desire and wish fulfilment, and explore the flexible rendering of personal, family, and community memories.
I also love history, film, literature, drawing, stories.


  •   - "Stuff on Walls, Things on Floors" - Pie Factory, Margate
  •   - "Crathelstan Sound Studio" - Crate, Margate
  •   - "Zine Week" - Crate, Margate
  •   - "House Meeting" - Crate, Margate
  •   -  "Seaside Photographed" - Turner Contemporary, Margate
  •   - "The Loop" - The Shop Front, Margate


  •  - "Front of House" - Pie Factory, Margate
  •  - "Domino" - Crate, Margate
  •  - "Crate Conversations" - Crate, Margate
  •  - "The Wasteland Salon" - Crate, Margate
  •  - "At the Violet Hour" - Nayland Rock, Margate


  •  -  "The Well" - OSE, Resort, Margate
  •  - "The Incomers Project" - OSE, Lido, Margate
  •  - "Spelunking" - OSE, Resort, Margate
  •  - "Seance" - OSE, Turner Contemporary, Margate
  •  - "Subterranean Worlds" - OSE, Resort, Margate
  •  - "Afternoon Tea" - Royal York Mansions, Margate
  •  - "OSE Residency at Guest Projects" - Guest Projects, London
  •  - "OSE Open Studios" - Resort, Margate


  • - "Wearing Trousers" - Crate,Margate


  • - "Drawing Show" - The Allotment, Margate


  • -  "Defeat the Object" Resort, Margate
  • -  "Berlin" Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin
  • -  "Little Experiment"  POSK Gallery, London
  • -  "Cityscapes" Light and Space, Online


  •  - "Family Politics" Jerwood Space, London
  •  -  "Art’s Cool" Bracket, Margate
  •  -  "Curiosity" Parade, Margate
  •  -  "Duchamps Window" Beach Creative, Herne Bay
  •  -   "Zine Weekend" Parade, Margate
  • -   "Resistance is Not Terrorism"  Parade, Margate


  •   -  "Deliverance" Parade, Margate
  •  -  "Speaking with Our Mouths Full"  Parade, Margate
  •  -  "Facebook Friends" The Pie Factory, Margate


  • -  "Beyond the Fringe" Arthole, Lewes
  • -  "Art Sticky" Arthole, Lewes
  • -  "Puisseguin Exposition" - Saint-Emillion, France


  • -  "Anxiety Management" -  Thirtyfive-a, Brighton
  • -  "Out Jiving" - London


  •  - "Graduation Show" -  University of Brighton
  •  -  "A not-so-private view" - The Marlborough, Brighton
  • Margate, United Kingdom