21 Apr

In celebration of the centenary of the publication of The Waste Land by T.S.Eliot,Turner Contemporary hosted an exhibition which was curated by community groups within Thanet. The Waste Land was partially written in Margate as Eliot convalesced from a nervous breakdown. 

In conjunction with the exhibition, community groups were invited to create an off-site celebration of the book and it's themes entitled "Journeys with the Waste Land". 

My contribution was to re-write the book entirely in emoji. The function of emoji is to express emotional states. The language is very 21st Century and is in its infancy. I was inspired to undertake this to replicate Eliot's attempt to create a new emotional language for the 20th Century, which delved into and explored the subconscious and many states of mind that a person exists in within a present moment of time. I'm also drawn to the emoji because of its purely visual form and non-linear aspect.

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