Jo Murray took over the grounds and corridors of the Nayland Rock Hotel as character ‘Mrs Teasmaid’.

“Empires have been forged, battles fought, businesses expanded, love won, territories conquered, ideas initiated, art created, partnerships made, and behind all momentous historic moments tea has been brought to you by Mrs Teasmaid, said nobody ever.”

Mrs Teasmaid is waiting to make your acquaintance. An art performance with a loving nod to Monty Python, League of Gentleman, Father Ted, and Dinner Ladies created by Jo Murray and performed at The Nayland Rock. The hotel over looks the Nayland Rock Seaside Shelter where T.S. Eliot once sat contemplating his next line for section 3 The Fire Sermon • AT THE VIOLET HOUR Responding to T.S. Eliot’s 20th Century poem The Waste Land which was part written at Nayland Rock Seaside Shelter Margate • ...‘on Margate sands, I can connect nothing with nothing’ •