I co-ran an artist led pop-up space "Parade" from 2012-13 with Heather Tait on Marine Drive, Margate.
Over the course of the year we hosted regular weekly shows and screenings.
I took part in
  • Deliverance - the artwork was inspired by my job as a postwoman. I found myself in a new town, with a new job and my main form of communication was reading addresses on envelopes, reading instructions in my workplace, looking for doornumbers, and reading notes left to me on peoples doors. I created this installation as a mirror to my world at that time - a visual narrative of a spot in time. 
  • Curiosity - this show was curated in response to the show of the same name showing at Turner Contemporary at that time. We wanted to highlight peoples personal archives and examine what it is that draws us to archiving certain aspects of our lives, and also highlighting some of the more curioius aspects of personal histories.
  • Zine Weekend - Zines produced and created by many but the bulk by myself, Heather Tait and Steven Alan.